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Welcome to the presentation of the 2nd floor of"Žarko Marinović" student home. This is the second, changed version of our site. This is a site about our student home, actually, about the folks who live here and the things that are hapening. We're focused on the second floor of our student home, 'cause afterall, we made this site :).

pogled iz doma
Our student home is just next to the Higher medicine school. In this student home, there are pepople from different faculties, but mostly from: Higher Medicin School, Higher School of Internal Affairs, Agriculture Faculty, Medicin Faculty, Faculty of Economic Sciences, Higher Electrotechnic School, Teachers Faculty.

Ovde mozete postaviti vasu reklamu

Ovde mozete postaviti vasu reklamu

Ovde mozete postaviti vasu reklamu

Sajt će se osvežavati jednom mesečno. Zbog servera na kome je sajt trenutno, nije moguće prosleđivanje formulara što će u budućnosti biti omogućeno. Isto tako,
himna našeg doma... :) još je u fazi razvoja, ali pogledajte dosadašnji napredak

Odvale, provale i ispale svih nas iz doma
Vesti DNN-a, će biti bajate i nezapanjujuće, ali gledaćemo da budu interesantne koliko je god to moguće. Na kraju krajeva ovo ipak nije sajt servisnih informacija :)

Pošto smo mi demokratska država i demokratski dom... red je da se onda demokratski i šta... pa glasa. Zato ćemo vam omogućiti da to i uradite. Glasaćete o web stranici, članovima koji su na njoj prikazani, najboljim odvalama i svemu drugom.


In our student home, there is never a lack of fun and good time . We need neither god knows how big flat nor 5 tones of alcohol to have a great time, just ourselves is enough. Mostly, we spend our time at eachother, making jockes and having fun on corridors, and due to some special occasions( or just our reasonless decisions) we organize parties in our TV hall. Especially when we're talking about our birthdays which represent one more occasion for great fun but also for cleaning the mess we left behind us, till early morning. We always have one and the same goal - how to have the greatest time :)
Example for all this are the representatives you can see on these pictures. Those are Ugi and Jela :) before one of our great parties. Our parties are not as the "classic ones" - you come, get drunk, puke...and end. No, we prefer to be unique and original, therefore, we surely can call ourselves "party maniacs". Allthough there is never a lack of fun, there is always lack of food :) that is why we often visit the famouse "turn round "(explanation for english readers: the last station for buss no. 17, there are lots of stores and shops around it), where they take the last coin out of our pockets for a peace of nothing ::) ohhhh..... those monopolists. We're always cheerfull, yet, everyone cryes twice in this student home. First time when you arrive, and second time when you leave.
Simply said, everithing can be worked out, arranged and acomplished . However, there is one person we cannot make any deal with, our first neghbour, who day and night grinds some metal, scrapes wood, fixes allready twice fixed, and as some kind of rule - after midnight. In his yard, there is a real "mini Zoo", so in february his cats simply don't stop howling and dashing - from unknown reasons to us :) Well, however, we forgive him in the name of science :)

The situation presented on this picture, accured after heavy skirmish between central forces and rebels, using dangerous chemical weaponary - shaving foam :) There were no casualties and the consequences are noticable. Decontamination began few hours later he he he :) . So if you ever visit our student home, beware of the tousy feministic groups, they just might wait for you, standing with bottle of shaving foam behind the entrance door :).

And the person right here, is our Jaksa, nominated for the Oscar of our student home. He invented so many studying poses as many sex poses there are not in Kamasutra. He is the leader for the "geek elite" and main headmaster for keeping order in our reading-room. But lately, he started conquering places others then just our reading-room, such as balcons and corridors... only WC is safe of his government for a while he he he :) People often say geeks are hard to understand, but with Jaksa it is not the case, if you have difficulties understanding him, just ask him to take out his artificial limb, and everything will be OK.
Our lady-teacher, in deep trance caused by overdosing with chocolate candies. Well, if you wonna handle all those kids, i guess you have to pass that treatment again. Just as any other lady-teacher,so does our concern to be as pretty as posible, therefore she often smear her face with some white cremes, and she often frighten the folks who enter her room cause with her aperiance, with white face, on white sheet, she mostly reminds on deceased one. She is a very interesting medical case since she has a very rare kind of alergy, alergy on web cams.... she simply adores them.
To student home "Žarko Marinović" you come with busses no. 84, 17, 81, or some other buss that is stopping at "turn-round", but sometimes it is indeed easyer to get into history then in some of those busses.The worst of all is that somehow grannies always occupy the busses at the time of the bigest trongs in the city, well, who knows, maby it's their "one hour excursion", the bigest event whole day - how to get in, and get off the buss. Maby they're even reteling eachothers events over phones after it :)
Drivers are nervously steping on gas , while waiting at the semaphore in front of our student home, eyes stained with blood and cramped jaws, like a bull that focuses on the toreador. And then, on the first sign of the light change, even if it's sun reflection on the semaphore, they step on it wildly, nearly breaking till the cooler with their feet. There are no traffic rule, the only rule is the rule of the stronger. That rule in some shape also started to live on pavements. You're passing the street by foot, some granny is passing next to you, she is barely moving, and you step aside, thinking "o, let the poor granny pass" and she make a jack-ass of you, spreads her elbows 2 meters, puts on the dark glasses, shakes her oily hair and you simply expect her to punch you and say "You know sonny, there is still some strenght in me, it is not invain that I in 1934.... ".
Since the weather is extremely hot here , the staff from our floor started to deal with inventments. Namely, since we don't have clima-devices there, we invent different technical assistants in that purpose. And that is how "turbo wind cooler " has been invented, as a clima device of our construction. It is a sheet, specially adapted and montaged on the window frame, with special half-omissioning layer and the newest micro chip, chineese maden, bought here in block 70, for our atest Bangladesh and Zanzibar are allready interested :) :) (explanation: the point is actually that a sheet is being put under water, and so wet it is placed on the window. As the warm air is circulating into the room, the sheet is drying and releasing the colder air due drying. It is cool, but lasts however not more then 15 minutes :) )
This is mother-Marija . If you think that she was given the nich "mother" cause she gave birth, and brought to student home bunch of kids, you're wrong :) she didn't. It because of the work she does in home internary, she is cooking, washing, cleanin. She is "good as bread" (serbian proverb), but is usually nervous in the early morning, so the visitors are adviced not to stand on her way in the early hours :) She is one of the persons that is not bounded only with "rotten country music" in her music assortment, and the time she has she doesn't spend only on latin soaps (TV soaps) expecting to see what is 100 times allready seen.





Mama Marija

if you ever wonder who these folks on the picture are, just roll over the images and you`ll find out very soon




Mosquito Milojica. Drunker and frod,visits our home only at late hours .
flea-dog Riki: our neighbour's dog, the most interesting thing are the words of our second woman-neighbour ment to this dog "you are the only male that loves me "


Uskoro će proraditi sekcija sa vicevima. Ukoliko Vi znate neki dobar vic i hoćete da ga podelite sa nama, prosledite ga na s obzirom da zbog mogućnosti servera trenutno nije moguće automatizovano prosleđivanje i obrada teksta. Vicevi će biti razvrstani po kategorijama, a za svaki vic koji nam prosledite navešćemo izvor odakle smo vic dobili osim ako vi to izričito ne želite.


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